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How To Attract A Girl - 4 Important Things To Make Her Notice You!

It's the classic story. You see a girl that you think is both beautiful and sexy and you want more than anything to get her to notice you. Guys have been trying to figure out how to attract a girl for ages, and you can be sure they will continue to try and figure this out for years to come. If you want to get a girl to notice you, then you have to know how to attract a girl. And to attract a woman, you have to know what makes her feel that attraction.

Here are 4 tips to attract a girl that should help you understand what you need to do:

1. You have to catch her eye.

If she does not even know that you are there, then you have almost no chance at all at being able to meet her and date her. So, you have to be able to catch her. You can do this by demonstrating the body language of an alpha male. Showing this kind of body language to a woman makes her take notice and you can be sure that she will not just gloss you over. She will take a real look at you.

2. You have to possess the nerve to approach her.

You can try and use all of the tricks in the world to make her approach you, or you can make it easier on yourself and just get up the nerve to go and approach her. And if your goal is to make her see you as the alpha male, then it's wise to be the one to make the first move. Otherwise, you are going to come across as a shy guy and some women don't even want to waste their time with a shy guy.

3. You have to know how to use your eyes to suck her in.

Guys that are pretty natural with women have already picked up on the fact that using your eyes as a way to attract a woman is a killer way to make everything easier on yourself. She will feel like she is getting that love at first sight feeling and this can be intoxicating to a woman.

4. You have to be able to get a conversation going.

Knowing how to attract a girl means that you have to be able to talk to her. Nothing can be more awkward for you AND for her, then approaching a girl and ending up with nothing at all to say.

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