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Places to Sell an XBox 360 for Cash

    • When it's time to get rid of your XBox 360, you'll want to make sure you make every consideration to ensure that you get the most cash you can. You have a lot of options and each one has pros and cons so you must make sure you thoroughly evaluate your choices before you take action.

    Video Game Store

    • Most video game retailers offer trade-in for cash on used video game systems. It is a good idea to call first, rather than show up unannounced, as often times these retailers will have a limit to the number of consoles they will purchase and may be unable to purchase any additional units at the time. Video game stores often make reasonable cash offers or may give you a larger value on a trade.

    Pawn Shops

    • Pawn shops purchase used video game consoles, but often offer a lower cash value. You will be required to bring identification with you to the pawn shop, a common trade practice to prevent the sale of stolen goods.

    Online Auction Sites

    • Online auction sites offer you the ability to set your own price for your XBox and you have greater control over the terms of the sale. To increase the chances of selling your XBox 360 at a good price, take plenty of pictures and consider bundling games along with the console as a package deal.

    Online Classifieds

    • Online classifieds offer an economical and low-maintenance approach to selling your X-Box 360. Again, your best bet is to take plenty of pictures. By dealing with locals, you will also be able to accept cash rather than work through online payment systems.

    Yard Sale

    • Selling your X-Box 360 in your front yard is convenient way to make some cash off of it. Double check to ensure that it's allowed by your neighborhood covenants or the terms of your apartment lease first.


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