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Getting Past Your Divorce - How to Emerge As a Strong Woman After Going Through a Painful Divorce

If you are a woman who has survived a divorce, getting your life back on track may be a long journey.
But it does not have to be a painful struggle.
Finding someone to guide you through the process will give you the new perspective you need to move past the pain, hurt, and disappointment you may be feeling.
Forgiving your ex may be the single most important step you take while you are healing.
It is natural to be angry and full of resentment.
No matter if you were together for just a few months or for many years, you most likely feel that this man stole precious time from you.
Work on forgiving him and being grateful that you are now in the next phase of your life, and you will feel much better.
You also may feel like you lost yourself during the relationship.
If your man was controlling, powerful, or self-centered, you probably got used to putting his wants and needs ahead of yours during the time you were together.
Now it is your turn to be first.
There is nothing selfish about putting yourself first now.
In fact, you must do this to be the best person you can be.
You will be able to do so much for others around you if you always think of yourself first.
The experience of this relationship will be with you for the rest of your life, but work on moving past the pain and on to the healing part of your journey.
Think about what you learned from it and realize that you now have the opportunity to be more clear in your intentions about what you want from your life.
You can emerge as a strong, purposeful woman by accepting that you now have the responsibility of choosing the life you want for yourself now and in the future.

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