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Rapid English For Italian Speakers

Ask any Italian speaker what foreign language would he prefer to learn and the most likely answer would be English.
That is with a reason, of course.
English is a widely spoken language.
It is, in fact, spoken in many parts of the world.
Peoples of different nationalities can break the language barrier when communicating with each other because they use English as a medium.
This is why, in many countries, the language is part of their respective educational system's curriculum.
Fortunately, for Italian speakers, English is not very difficult to learn.
This owes to the fact that the language has deep Latin roots.
The Italian language is actually the modern version of Latin.
No other language in Europe has such strong affinity to Latin than it.
Having a language that is a not so distant cousin to English, Italian speakers may indeed find it easy to learn the fundamentals of the latter.
For some, they can even comprehend an English written document by reading between the lines or they can understand what English they hear by taking it in context.
What may be difficult to rid of when trying to converse in English for the first few times is the unique and very identifiable Italian accent and heavy syllabication.
In fact, many native Italian speakers who have become fluent in English still cannot avoid using the accent they are so much accustomed.
It is said that one can easily be identified as Italian even when he speaks in English smoothly.
However, with constant practice, it is still possible for one to erase the accent and speak English just the way the Americans or the British do.
To rapidly learn English, the Italian speaker must utilize his ears the most.
There are times, however, that he may need his eyes such as when reading a dictionary or a document on the English grammar.
Nevertheless, if speed is the emphasis, then the ears should do most of the learning job.
Obviously, one cannot fix his accent by reading even the most visually instructive book.
One can never learn how to say things by just reading.
Teaching a toddler to speak that early definitely did not require a book but he learns fast anyway in that manner.
The Italian speaker can have the listening and learning process everywhere and anytime he feels the need to.
He can simply use portable digital audio player to listen to an audio book on learning the English language.
There are audio books, such as that employing the Pimsleur method, that effectively teach him English by considering the factor that could help a lot; his being an Italian speaker.

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