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Jess an Extra Boost If You Need

I use a toner so toners basically it just remove sexcess all I R on removes excess ther and makeup you have on and CI take the toner and then I'm to delivertoner onto cotton pad and then I just basically a sweep it along my face in my nose everywhere diskette the heck sister of and also don't forget your a neck and back neck as well just to getall the excess turn off and then the toner and usingright now is the new yeah of quiet factory fishing toner for normal skin so I just think that and I like this stunner because it just doesn't dry out my skin itleaves it nice and moisturizer feels very hydrating nowthis toner is a very light wat toner and I just recently bought this toner but I've used itbefore and it's pretty good but the toner I usually use on a dailybasis if the ole oil minimizing toner andthat's just the light blue bottle with a white cap and basically I love that Iwrites like it doesn't stain my face and scary lightweight and I just love it becauseit removes all that turd oil and just excess makeup I'm wearing makeup at theother day when I take it off with the toner I see all the excess dirt and just it least my skin very a.m. hydrating.
it just feels very nice is a very lightweight a tone as well does is staying as it doesn't have alcohol on it and one more thing I love about the late owner is it has which case on it and which case I'll basically it does minimize it meant for them it pours that barry a lot I get reduces the course I sell I love that owner as well and after I cleanse tone my face I usually put on a I cream and so all you like young girls out there teens and I do recommend and I can for you it seasier to prefent then to take away so now is the time to prevent and cuz whenyou have wrinkles it's harder to get rid of them so the eye cream I used during the day is the Mary Kay time wise firming eye cream religious Creek that has a little squeeze bottle here and this I cream as you are thickerconsistency but I just love how it a goes on to my eyes and it just feels like it's there for a reason it a have been using this for quite a while now and I I feel like this I cream reduces my caffeine and reduces my dark spots and also like little fine lines ice see that they're gone and so I've been using this for quite some time now probably over 45 years so I love this firming eye cream and then after the eye cream in the morning I use a CRM so basically serums are Jess an extra boost if you need some help with problem areas like wrinkles dark spots a like anti-aging and that sort of stuffso it's just an extra boost to help your problem areas so right now I and using the origins plant scription anti-aging serum suggests aclean that can apply

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