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How to Trim the Hooves of a Donkey

    • 1). Tie the donkey securely. Use a halter with cross ties, or tether the animal to a rail using a quick-release knot.

    • 2). Run your had down one of the donkey's leg, and grasp the ankle to prompt the animal to raise its hoof. If your donkey does not automatically raise its hoof, squeeze slightly around its ankle. For front hooves, hold the hoof between your knees, or hold the hoof in your non-dominant hand while working on the hoof with your dominant hand. Hold back hooves across your lap, holding the donkey's leg, which is known as the hock, under your arm.

    • 3). Scrape out each hoof gently by using a hoof pick. Remove all dirt, mud and debris in the hoof, but only the material that dislodges easily. Do not dig into the sole.

    • 4). Trim the heels using nippers. Trim so that each heel is flat with the hoof's sole, which is also known as the frog.

    • 5). Trim the bars to about halfway along the frog with a hoof knife. Bars are a continuation of the outer wall of the hoof. Begin at the heel, and work toward the toe. Bars should be straight and tapered.

    • 6). Roll the outer wall of the hoof using the rough side of a rasp. This is also known as a mustang roll. Rolling the hoof creates a rounded, beveled edge.

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