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An introduction to CRM

Customer service has long been one of the main goals that every company thrives for. Looking for excellence and continued sales between a company and a client is the overall objective for companies. One of the ways that a company can receive assistance for these items is thru a CRM ( customer relationship management) program.

ACT help is a feature that is available with ACT program.

There are various CRM programs that are available to the public today. Two of the competing CRM programs that are available is Prophet and ACT . With Prophet, there is a wide array of sales that can be generated and monitored. ACT , on the other hand, often calls for ACT help. ACT help for the ACT program is not always readily available, and as such, the ACT program has failed time and again to be an achieving CRM program.

Many companies have to rely heavily on ACT help and the ACT help features.

Every CRM software product that is on the market comes with some form of assistance. For Prophet, there is help that is always available thru the software support system. ACT help is difficult to achieve. Furthermore, ACT help is needed frequently for its CRM program, which is a poor sign of efficiency. There is a lot of ACT help that is needed with the ACT program. One of the main reasons that an ACT user would need ACT help is because ACT is not a fully supportive program. ACT help is heavily relied upon with ACT , as it is a program that is not totally operative thru Outlook. Prophet, on the other hand, operates totally thru Outlook on a computer. This clears up the confusion and frustration that is associated with many CRM programs. ACT help is not entirely helpful, either. With the ACT program, not all files can be sent thru Outlook. ACT help fails to mention that there is a need to create files outside of Outlook, and then sent to its recipients. In the process of doing such, many files can be lost, all of which ACT help is to no avail.

Those that use ACT instead of Prophet will have to rely on ACT help frequently.

For ACT users, the ACT help feature is used frequently. This can be quite a frustrating and laborious task for ACT users. Due to the frustration that is associated with ACT help, many companies are turning their CRM focus to Prophet. With Prophet, there is little need for help. Any assistance that may be needed is quickly addressed, or rectified on an individual's own accord. Prophet has recruited many ACT users as a result of the frequency that ACT help is needed.

Since ACT lacks the freedom to use Outlook in its entirety, ACT help is often needed.

Another reason that ACT help is frequented is due largely in part to ACT 's lack of correlating all information together. For instance, with the Prophet program, a company can access a client's file with a few simple maneuvers. ACT help, however, is in full use every time a client's file is needed. ACT help requires multiple steps to create a client's account. An example is a new client that is using ACT . Since ACT is not entirely operational thru Outlook, ACT help is relied upon to create a new account. The equivalent of the ACT help feature is not needed in Prophet. Client accounts are created in Outlook and are also accessed thru Outlook too. There is not any hindrances that occur with creating a customer account with Prophet. The time that is spent creating and accessing a client account supersedes the time that would be needed to create an account with ACT , as well as utilizing the ACT help feature.

Due to its complexity, ACT is a program that must often use ACT help.

Often times, companies fail to appreciate the amount of time that is saved by not having to use a help feature. Prophet's main goal is to focus on the maximum assistance and benefits for a company, without as little help as needed. ACT , on the other hand, is a program that is quite complicated, and does not have the client's sales goals entirely in mind. Relying on ACT help creates a crutch time and again for ACT users. Clients become upset because files are lost in transition with ACT . ACT help is only so functional, before it is of no use to either the company or the client.

Even when synched to Outlook, ACT help must be used in order to understand and operate ACT .

ACT help is relied upon heavily with ACT . ACT must be synched with the Outlook program in order to operate properly. Due to this, many operators of the system do not know how to work the program, and seek ACT help for assistance. ACT help has notes that can be included in its software program. Many view this area of ACT help as the only resource for additional assistance. Notes that are created on an account can be viewed, as in with Prophet. ACT help can rely on the notes that an individual records about a particular file and use them for future reference. It is clear that ACT help is not entirely self sufficient when it relies as heavily as it does on a personal notes for an account. Prophet's note system is greatly different than ACT help. Prophet can record notes on an account, and the notes stay with every account. There is no questioning as to where the notes go on an account, as there is with ACT help.

ACT help must be called upon when used on various electronic media.

Prophet is operational not only on a computer, but on a Palm Pilot as well. ACT relies too heavily on ACT help to walk a person thru the installation process rather than offer the ease of installation to its customers. With a Palm Pilot, the Prophet program is accessible from any location that has an internet reception. Prophet can be utilized on a Palm Pilot for emergencies, such as last minute queries. Even with the assistance from ACT help, ACT is not as capable of maintaining such an assistance level or its users. It is the high attention that is drawn to ACT help that keeps future prospects away from the ACT program. When a help feature, such as ACT help, is relied upon too much, clients look elsewhere for CRM coverage. Prophet is just the answer for such prospective individuals. Prophet is constantly creating updated versions of their CRM software, which is of great benefit for its customers. Prophet listens to the needs of corporations and clients alike, and incorporates those needs into its CRM programs. ACT fails to do so, and as a result, ACT help is relied upon frequently from clients and customers alike. Although ACT also updates their software, there is too much ACT help that is needed while operating the updated software. ACT software is overshadowed with Prophet's ease of understanding and accessibility for its users.

A conclusion of Prophet and ACT help.

Prophet and ACT will always be great competitors in the CRM software department. However, with the ACT feature being overused time and again with ACT , there are bound to be those that will turn to Prophet for good. The quality that ACT and ACT help lacks has proven that Prophet Software is the CRM program to beat. ACT help should be a feature that is used every once in a while, and not as a crutch to get thru a program. ACT utilizes ACT help so much, that it turns away potential clients. Prophet profits off of those that are discouraged with having to use ACT help time and again. ACT help is no where near as effective as Prophet's computing system. ACT help is a deterrent for ACT , and has brought declining sales to the program. ACT help is of no help at all for the ACT program. The only CRM software that ACT help is helping is Prophet.

About Avidian Technologies:
Avidian Technologies is a software company specializing in creating software solutions for users of Outlook and Exchange. Prophet, developed by Avidian Technologies on the .NET platform, is the leading contact management and sales CRM software built in Outlook. The company is headquartered in Redmond, Washington. For more information, please visit or call 1-800-860-5534.

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