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The Size of a Grand King Bed


    • The grand king bed is 80-by-98 inches. The width is 8 inches wider than the California king and 4 inches wider than the regular king size bed. Mattresses can be 15 to 18 inches thick.


    • The fitted sheet for a grand king bed is 80-by-98 inches with pockets 15 or 18 inches deep. The flat sheet for the bedsheet set with 15-inch pockets is 118-by-120 inches. Flat sheets for the set with 18-inch deep pockets are 126-by-124 inches. Grand bedsheet sets have two or three standard pillow cases of 21-by-38 inches. The duvet cover for a grand king comforter is 112-by-120 inches.


    • One advantage to having a grand king bed is that each person will have 40 inches of sleep space. The sleep space for one person is 1 inch more than what a twin bed has. The beds are ideal for tall people who need more than 80 or 84 inches in length, which is what you would have with a California king or regular king bed.


    • Finding bedding for the grand king can be a little difficult because it is a custom bed size. One manufacturer has this size bed and carries bedsheet sets, but there are limited resources available for finding sheets anywhere else. Besides the sheets, the bed size may not fit in your house if you have narrow doorways, stairways or sharp corner to navigate.

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