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Braiding Horse Manes: How to Get Started

Braiding the hair on your horse not only looks good but it also helps to keep the mane healthy.
If you are going to be showing your horse it is almost a requirement to braid the mane, even if you are not it is still a good idea.
There are professionals that you can hire to do it for you but it is not all that hard to learn to do it yourself.
You just need to know a few basics to get started.
The first thing that you are going to have to do in order to get started braiding horse manes is to get some basic supplies.
The things that you will need are a brush, a comb, some elastic bands, a needle and thread and some scissors.
All of this can be acquired at any horse supply store and it is quite inexpensive.
A few days before you are going to braid your horse's hair you are going to want to wash the mane.
This will make it easier to get the tangles out.
You don't want to wash the hair on the day that you actually do the braiding; you want to make sure that the hair has had time to dry before you braid it.
If there are a lot of tangles in the hair you may want to use conditioner as well, just make sure to not use too much.
One the day that you actually braid your horse's hair the first step is to give the mane a good brushing to get all the tangles out.
The next step is to use the elastic bands to create sections in the horse's hair.
Once you have the hair in sections you can do the actual braiding.
Once you are done this you use the thread to hold the whole thing in place.
The first time that you try to braid your horse's mane you will find that it takes you quite a long time; it also likely won't come out looking perfect.
It takes quite a bit of practice in order to get good at it.
Unless you are planning to show the horse this is not really a big deal, you can keep trying until you get it right.
If you do need to have your horse's hair properly braided it is probably a good idea to hire somebody with experience to help you until you get good at it.

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