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5 Qualities to Look for In a Copywriter

The rise of e-commerce has had a profound impact on the demand for good copy writers.
The copywriter's job has become more technical with job description touching various aspects of marketing and sales.
The internet has become the main source of information, as people now spend more time in front of their computers than watching TV, internet marketing has emerged from the labels of niche and has morphed into a specialized field of study on its own.
Many businesses now compete for customers in the online world; internet retailers have figured this out the hard way.
As more businesses continue to move towards online and digital marketing, hiring the right copywriter that understands the sphere of internet marketing could be the difference between a thriving business and solvency.
We have outlined 5 qualities every good copy writer must possess to excel in the age of internet marketing.
Education: A copywriter with a proper education in the fields of marketing, mass communication or advertising ensure a well developed understanding of marketing principals and practices.
If a copywriter does not possess a college degree then in lieu of a degree look for 4 years of relevant work experience.
Portfolio: Portfolio acts as a snapshot of a copywriter's career.
Every copywriter has one; go through the prospective writers work to see if his style of writing suits the needs of your business.
If you enjoy their tone and content then they are right for job.
Testing: More and more marketing agencies are now testing their prospective writers before they interview them.
Good verbal communication skills do not imply good writing skills.
Some write better while others speak better.
Ultimately we are looking for writers; a good interview does not equate to a good writer.
Flexibility: The writer should be adaptable, industry experience or not.
New things keep getting introduced in the market, some products appear to have no utility but sell like hot cakes while other products with great real world application never escape the shadows of obscurity.
A good content writer makes every product and service desirable.
Personality: A copywriter will be an active contributor within the confines of the workplace; he or she will become a core component of your marketing team, so carefully assess their strength and weaknesses before you hire.
A good copywriter must be a team player and open to the opinions of others and be confident enough to provide his perspective on projects instead of simply taking orders.

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