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How to Tie a Lead Rope Into a Halter

    • 1). Tie a knot in one end of the lead rope. Many lead ropes already have knots at the ends, but if yours does not, tie the knot as close to the end as possible.

    • 2). Form a loop by folding the end of the lead rope back on itself. Lay the loop over your finger, passing the folded section through the circle formed around your finger to make a knot.

    • 3). Make another loop approximately one foot up from the first, forming a second knot in the same fashion as in Step 2. These knots will sit along the underside of the animal's jaw to keep the halter from slipping off its head.

    • 4). Lay the halter on the animal's nose, holding the loops together under her chin. Pass the free end of the lead rope behind her ears, pulling it down the off-side and threading the end through the loops. This forms a complete halter that tightens over the nose and allows you to guide the animal around your property. Pull the end out of the loops and remove the halter from the animal before turning her loose.

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