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What Should I Do If I Have a Car Crash?

If you are unfortunate enough to be involved in a car crash, it is vital to collect as much information as you possibly can.
You may be injured or traumatised so it may be a little difficult to gather all the information that you need.
But if you have to you can go back to the place where the accident happened when you feel up to it - as soon as possible though - and take some notes or even better take some photographs.
This will help your legal team or personal injury solicitor no end and will also help to validate your claim for compensation.
It's a good idea to keep a disposable camera and a pen and note pad in your car for such events.
Some of the information that you want to collect is as follows * Exact date and time always take the contact details of the driver, any passengers or witnesses who were at the scene of the car crash.
Details like contact phone numbers, names and addresses etc.
If the crash involves a company car or van then take a note of the company address, name and phone number.
* Take a note of the vehicle that was involved, make, registration number, model and how many people where in the vehicle at the time of the crash.
* The name of the drivers insurance company * Was the driver using his indicators at the time, did the driver have his or her lights on in poor visibility situations i.
fog and mist The weather conditions, was it raining, snowing or did the accident occur at night * The details of the police officers that attended the scene of the crash * The damage to both vehicles * The injuries to the people involved in the crash * Take some photos if you have a camera at hand Useful information to make a note at the time or after the accident * A complete description of what exactly happened including photos if you can but failing that do a simple drawing of the crash scene * Estimated speed of the vehicles involved *The type of road surface * Any obstructions or distractions they may have contributed to the crash Reporting the accident You must report the accident to the police if there has been someone injured or there has been damage to property as a result of the crash (It is an offence not to report a road traffic accident).
Always report the accident to your insurance company as soon as possible, the may not honour your claim if you try to claim outside of the time schedule that is detailed in your insurance policy.

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