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How to Find the Best Anti Aging Products For Oily Skin

Anti aging products for oily skin! Read and find out the secret that skincare companies don't want you or I to find out about? I promise it will make you think twice before going out and buying your next jar of cream or bottle of lotion! You might be oblivious to the fact that these flashy skincare manufacturers with their television advertising and glossy magazine adverts are anything but honest.
They are selling a product that you pay an outrageous amount for knowing full well that the product itself is probably only mediocre and even worse, it has been laced with toxic chemicals because they are cheap.
The chemicals that are used in many of our skincare products today have been known to cause anything from irritation of the skin to cancer.
What they are doing to you, is lying under the disguise of flamboyant advertising backed up with their household name.
You want to be using a product that will not clog the pores but still be effective enough to moisturize the skin without any dangerous chemicals.
Oily skin is a problem for many people.
Some suffer with oily skin all over the face, and some have what is known as combination skin where the forehead, nose and chin are predominantly oily.
Therefore they are more susceptible to blackheads and spots.
This is a particular major problem with teenagers and many of even the well known skincare companies won't tell you what chemical industrial processes they put their products through before sending them into the shops for customers to buy.
So make sure that you:
  • Buy skincare products that do not use mineral oils - known as liquid paraffin, paraffin wax or petroleum
  • Don't ever use mineral oil derivative as it can be contaminated with PAH's (Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons) - known to cause cancer.
    It's dangerous.
  • Choose an astringent that contains acetone - this is known to dissolve oil.
  • Apply a clay or mud mask on your face.
  • Use a lemon water rinse daily on your oily skin.
There are products that will give you lasting benefits and keep your skin free from the problems of oily skin and at the same time build essential nutrients to stop premature aging.
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