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Urinary Tract and Yeast Infections - Antibiotic Myth Exposed

What's the connection between Urinary tract infections and yeast infections? Urinary tract and yeast infections go hand in hand.
Yet so many people are surprised when they find themselves trapped in a cycle of non-stop yeast infections when trying to treat their urinary tract infections with anti-biotics.
Why are Anti-biotics bad? The reason for this is the fact that anti-biotics kill off the very thing in your body that prevents yeast infections and oddly enough urinary tract infections.
This is why they are both recurrent, and also the reason why the one thing that you kill off with anti-biotics is also the one thing that can rid both urinary tract and yeast infections for life.
I'm going to give you a run down on the two keys or the cause and cure of urinary tract and yeast infections.
Anti-biotics and Pro-biotics Anti-biotic translated means anti-life.
Pro-biotic translated means pro-life.
Anti-biotics kill life in your body and pro-biotics give life to your body.
Anti-biotics are drugs that were developed to kill bacteria in the body, unfortunately they do not discriminate between good and bad bacteria.
So when you take an antibiotic you are killing both your good and your bad bacteria, the problem is that the bad bacteria has learned to survive in a way the good has not.
As a result anytime you take an anti-biotic your long term results will be even more bad bacteria than before and less good bacteria.
This is due to the fact that good bacteria helps keep the bad in check and when you continually kill it off it's like having the amount of criminals go up and the amount of cops going down.
Eventually major problems are going to occur.
So what's the cure? The cure for urinary tract and yeast infections is to increase the amount of good bacteria or pro-biotics in your body and stop the use of anti-biotics.
When you re-balance the bacteria in your body the urinary tract infections and yeast infections will go away.
There is more to it than this however.
A diet must be put in place as well so not to feed the bad bacteria and yeast.
The full elimination of sugar, alcohol and yeast from the diet is mandatory.
What keeps causing your urinary tract and yeast infections?Candida Candida is the type of yeast that causes your yeast infections, it is also the immune suppressor that allows urinary tract infections to occur.
The key is to eliminate your Candida and the rest will disappear as well.
Before you get ready to eliminate your Candida I suggest you take an online test to determine how bad your Candida is so you know what you need to do to eliminate it as well as how long you can expect it will take.

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