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Dealing With A Cat Allergy

You are suspecting that you just might be allergic to your cat but there is no way that Fluffy is going to be moving out of your house.
What to do?Dealing with a cat allergy can be accomplished with a little diligence.
Finding out you are allergic to your cat can be heart breaking.
There are a variety of symptoms that can occur such as sneezing, itchy watery eyes, runny nose, sinus infection, headache, and a host of other mild to moderate symptoms that if you are determined enough you can likely find some relief from and still keep Fluffy.
But there are also situations that are severe and even life threatening which means you will have to find your cat a new home.
Lets assume your cat allergy is one you can live with.
So what to do? Let's first have a look at some of the other symptoms that can be related to a cat allergy.
The list is long - besides the symptoms already mentions other symptoms include eye infections, redness, swelling, itching, post nasal drip, hives, rashes, itchy skin, plugged or poping ears, hoarseness, and coughing.
There may also be shortness of breath, wheezing, reoccurring bronchitis which increases during tasks such as grooming or cleaning the litter box.
They may also increase when vacuuming or dusting which stirs up the dander.
And often overlooked is that the allergy is actually not with the cat but with the perfumes used in cat products such as the litter.
The cat allergy is caused buy allergens commonly the sebum produced by your cat.
So it's not the actual cat hair that causes the allergy but rather a protein that is in the dander and the tiny particles are easily moved around.
So how do you deal with a cat allergy?There are several things you can try.
HEPA filters are a great place to start.
HEPA filters situated in each room of your home as well as a vacuum with a HEPA filter will certainly help reduce the allergens.
Having your cat neutered or spayed can help your cat allergy because it reduces the sebum level that is produced.
Replace carpets with flooring can make a big difference because carpet traps not only cat dander but dust mites, and a host of other allergy causing things.
Bathe your cat regularly and cover your pillows and mattress with tight casings that can help.
We spend half of our life sleeping so it makes sense to also keep the cat out of the bedroom.
And of course you can also have the allergy shots that are designed to desensitize you.
But wait!There are some natural remedies for dealing with a cat allergy and some are very effective.
Seek out the help of a naturopath or do some research online.
You can find several products that might be beneficial.
First of all it is a well known fact that allergies including your cat allergy are a result of an immune system that is misfiring, so building your immune system and doing natural things to help bring your body into balance can also be very helpful.
Don't ignore the simple fixes when you are dealing with a cat allergy.
Do it right and Fluffy will spend the rest of her days with you in a life of luxury!

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