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If you are at all interested in stained glass and are using a lot of stained glass materials, you could cut costs significantly by procuring your supplies from the wholesale markets.
Even if you are not a professional, you could still look at this market for supplies that might be available at a lower price.
However, there are a number of difficulties in that case.
Wholesale markets may not be available locally, and you will have to add costs for transportation, which for small lots may not work out economically.
You may also have to have a good knowledge of the various options available to order remotely.
A number of websites offer links to wholesalers in stained glass supplies.
The Yahoo directory for Business and Economics is one good source that gives a few wholesale and mail order suppliers of stained glass materials.
Major suppliers have also registered with popular search engines, where you can get information about wholesale supplies.
The Internet also has a number of generic wholesale directories that can be accessed at no cost.
You can look for stained glass supplies in these directories also.
Trade and crafts associations like the International Guild of Glass Artists (IGGA) also provide specialized services and discounts to their members.
If you are getting seriously interested stained glass, it might not be a bad idea to enroll with one of these.
You can get not only supply information and discounted prices, but also other services and advice that can help you in this field.

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