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My Xbox 360 Will Not Read My Games! Find Out the Reason This Happens and What Your Choices Are

If you are reading this article then you probably just inserted a game disk into your console and are getting the message that you need to insert an Xbox 360 disk.
Obviously check that have inserted a disc that is for the Xbox 360, however I am sure you have! This is actually an error that happens because the DVD drive is taking too much heat from the motherboard.
The console simply does not have enough cooling and as your Xbox 360 heats up normally the two main chips take the brunt of the heat.
These are called the GPU and the CPU - and it is when you get the 3 red lights.
Sometimes however, the DVD drive takes too much heat instead of these two main chips, and that is when you get your console that is unable to play your games.
So how do you fix this error? You really only have two choices to fix it and the first one is to send it back and they will repair it for you.
This is not such a bad choice if you don't mind waiting, is most of the repairs will take about 4 weeks and for this particular error you will have to pay a repair bill as well.
This can cost you about $140 and for most gamers it can be a little bit excessive.
Which leads me on to the next way that you can get it fixed.
You can actually fix it yourself using a good guide that will tell you how to stop the heat build up with simple household items.
There are actually a few of these guides about and if you are going to use one make sure that it comes with a complete guarantee, a simple fix that you should be able to see in a video preview and good customer support.
All of these things you can test before you commit to anything! So to wrap up this error happens because of overheating on the main chips and the DVD drive! I hope this article has told you how you can fix the error with the DVD drive, and given you a good overview of the choices that you have to do this! Remember if in doubt you can always send it back! Happy gaming!

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