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How to Make Your Own Plain Belt Buckle

    • 1). Clean the surface of an old belt buckle. For a plain buckle, the surface of the old buckle will need to be smoothed out.

    • 2). Pour a thin layer of epoxy resin on the surface of the belt buckle to smooth any irregularities and fill holes. Wipe any excess resin off, before it hardens. Allow the resin to dry completely. Epoxy resin and epoxy resin kits can be purchased at local home improvement stores, craft supply stores or online. Follow the manufacturer's instructions. Use safety glasses and rubber gloves when working with resins.

    • 3). Determine the color and pattern you will be using on the surface of the belt buckle. Paint the buckle with acrylic paint. If there was a bold pattern on the belt buckle previously, three or four coats of acrylic paint may be needed. The color of the paint will also determine the number of coats needed. Let the paint dry completely.

    • 4). Apply decorative pieces, such as rhinestones and charms at this time. This is an optional step. What one person considers plain, may be ornamental to another. This is where you will define your style.

    • 5). Apply another thin layer of epoxy resin to the surface of the belt buckle to act as a sealant. Work any bubbles out of the resin with the point of a toothpick. Other types of sealants are available that provide either a gloss, or a matte finish.

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