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How to Make Men Want You and See You As Wife Material

Marriage is a huge leap, so if you are hoping that your man will propose to you, make sure you are prepared to give him a good answer, as well.
The ultimate key to make men want you enough to be their wife, though, is to be patient.
So, just wait for things to happen on their own instead of forcing your man to propose to you.
This article can help you out, too, though.
Grit your teeth through the patience.
No matter how difficult it might be to do so, you have to be patient and avoid rushing men into marriage if you want to make men want you in that way.
Not only could this discourage a man into asking you to marry him at all in the future, but he might give in even when he isn't ready yet.
Just give him time.
Act like you're ready yourself.
Before a man proposes to a woman, he will want to make sure that the woman is ready for marriage herself.
After all, men don't want to marry into something disastrous.
To show him that you're ready, act like you are by doing the chores, taking good care of your nieces and nephews, and catering to all of his needs.
This will definitely make men want you to become their wife.
Casually bring up the topic.
If you can't help but talk about marriage, then make sure you bring it up casually.
Mention a gorgeous wedding dress that you saw at a store or in a magazine, for example.
While this may make him feel like you are hinting at something, he probably won't say anything.
However, he is sure to start thinking about it in his head - that's for sure.
Live a practical life.
Throughout your entire time together, show your beau that you are a very practical woman.
In other words, don't spend a lot of money when shopping and don't do too many things for the sake of vanity.
If you do, he might be afraid that you will end up spending his money that way if you end up getting married at some point.
Ask him about marriage.
If you want to make men want you enough to marry you, ask your man what he thinks about marriage and children.
By asking about his thoughts, you can actually find out what he looks for in a future wife while hinting at the subject at the same time.

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