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Paintball Bachelor Party

10 tips to a Great Outdoor Paintball Bachelor Party Paintball Bachelor parties or Stag parties are becoming very popular.
The bachelor party symbolizes the last weekend of freedom as an unmarried guy.
Do things that you won't be able to do as easily once you are married.
The cost of paintball for a bachelor party can be less than $80 per person and it is lots of fun and will give you lots to talk about.
the guys will love it.
Here are few tips on how to organize a great stag party for your Groom.
Invite more than 15 people - the best games are played with 12-20 players.
Some of the guys will always drop out or not be able to make your date so invite lots of guys to make sure that there is enough to make a fun day.
Let the groom know what is up - Paintball is best when everyone knows what is up so they are dressed for the occasion and the anticipation of the coming day becomes part of the fun.
He will also help with a date that works best for everyone.
Pick a day 1-4 weeks ahead of the wedding - Paintball is an event that is stand-alone there are lots of reasons why it should not be held the same weekend as the wedding, you will be dirty and have a few welts that will not look good in pictures.
A good idea is for the bride and groom to have their bachelor / bachelorette parties on the same night or weekend so neither is home worrying what the other is doing.
Don't go drinking before the event - paintball is a sport that must be played sober, it is probably the most fun you can ever have running through the woods or fields and it takes all of your concentration and insurance regulations prohibits the field owner into not allowing players on the field that are drunk.
Save the embarrassment and the thirst till afterwards, there will be lots of reasons to have a few beers after your time at the field 5.
arrange for a social hour after wards over a few beers - playing paintball is fast paced adrenaline pumping fun and the guys will have lots of stories to talk about so going for a beers and meal afterwards is really part of the fun of paintball 6.
Bring a change of clothes - you will get dirty you will get shot you will get even.
This is paintball slogan I saw once at field and it is true.
But you will also be sweaty so a change of clothes will be nice before you head out to your next event 7.
Get the guys to prepay, or pool your money ahead of time - one way to get everyone to the paintball park on time is to get them to prepay.
They are less likely to back out, and there doesn't need to be any discussions of money in front of the groom.
everyone should pitch in to cover the cost of the grooms day as well.
Your paintball field can help with this by setting a package rate so you will know what your costs are before the event.
Prepare to have the most fun possible.
The sport of paintball is like it was made for bachelor parties, everyone has fun, there will be a few welts to show off, you can act like a the kid and you get kills.
get a costume for the groom - To add some fun go by the a thrift store or dollar store and pick up a fun costume for the groom to wear.
Bright colours, stripper costume, ball and chain, anything to make him stand out 10.
Remember to invite the Dads, coworkers, friends etc.
- The more the merrier everyone wants to play and be there for the groom so don't miss anyone it si great way to meet everyone in the grooms life and he will have that much more fun as well Following these tips will help to make the day one to be remembered by everyone and stress free for you.
Have fun and enjoy a great day.
See you on the field.

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