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A marketing partner of mine recently approached me about a new affiliate program he had joined.
I joined..
it was free
I came up with a couple of PPC Ads and got the campaign rolling The program is Mike Dillard's Magnetic Sponsoring Course.
The good news is I am getting some really good results, since I kicked off the program on May 15 th.
Here is a brief summary of what has happened during the first 120 days:
  • Average Signup : 6.
  • Average Sale: 10.
  • Total Leads: 393
  • Affiliate Earnings: $760.
So whats so exciting about earning $760.
It was getting paid $760 to generate 393 of my own leads instead of buying them for any amount of money! In this case I also have 393 leads that I can call, e-mail and hopefully bring into my primary program in time.
You will:
  • Discover the importance of internet marketers doing their own research when choosing a marketing strategy for their online business.
  • Learn the best strategy to build profitable lists, create responsive sales copy, and drive traffic to your website for maximum benefits at the lowest cost.
  • How to follow the three steps you, the marketer should follow when doing their research into internet marketing strategy is outlined.
If you have been looking for a great way to generate your own leads sign-up for Mike's free 10-day Magnetic Sponsoring boot camp...
All the best with generating your own leads for your business! Discover more about the 3 core principles of internet marketing that will start you on your way to finally creating profits online.

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