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Do It Yourself Favors

    Favor Ideas

    • Bake heart shaped sugar cookies and ice them with royal icing (see "Resources" below), which hardens. Keep them stored in an air tight container. Shortly before the wedding, Place each cookie in a plastic sandwich bag (non zip-lock), for freshness. Cut circles of tulle. Place a cookie in each circle and tie it at the top with satin ribbon, catching the top of the plastic bag. The guests will be thinking of the bride and groom the next morning when they eat the cookie with their morning coffee.

      Make a CD of the bride's and groom's favorite songs. Create your own labels and include the wedding date, the wedding couple's names, the names of the songs, and a special message from the bride and groom. Make your own envelopes by gently taking a plain CD envelope apart and using it for a template. Trace around it on the back of some decorative wedding paper (scrapbook paper), cut and glue the bottom and side flaps shut. Close the back, after including the CD, with a gold seal (sticker).

      Another idea for handmade envelopes is to make seed envelopes. Take apart a seed envelope, remove the seeds and use the packet as a template. Create seed packets as described for the CD envelope instructions. Include several flower seeds in the envelope. Glue a small plain piece of paper on the front that has a message, such as, "Plant these seeds in the spring and share in our love as it grows," "Seeds of Love," or "Love in Bloom."

      Melt white chocolate chips in a double boiler. Dip heavy-duty clear plastic spoons into the white chocolate. Let them cool on waxed paper. Place each spoon in a cellophane or plastic bag and tie a satin ribbon around the stem of the spoon. Milk chocolate or dark chocolate chips can be used instead, or make some of each.

      Make origami cranes (see "Resources" below) or butterflies for your guests, out of colorful paper. Cranes signify good health and longevity and are thought to mate for life, while two butterflies, together, signify love.

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