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Want Versus Intent

What exactly is the difference between Desire & Intent? Well let's start with "wants" and "desires".
Everybody will understand what to want something means.
Simply it means we would like to have something in our lives that we currently don't have.
To want something is perfectly normal and the only way to start.
If there was no desire to have something more in our lives, then that would explain why certain things are not part of our lives.
For example if a person wants to be, let say, a politician then that person will be a politician.
If a person wants to have an expensive sports car then that person will have an expensive sports car.
If a person wants to find love, then he or she will find it.
Now you may be saying to yourself there are lots of things I would like to be or have that are not part of my life.
Don't worry I will get to that shortly.
Now you probably know someone who has wanted something all their life but never had it.
I certainly do.
I was someone who never seemed to have the things I wanted from life.
I could never work out why other people similar to me and of the same age were doing so much better than me.
It didn't seem fair.
Why did they seem to get all the luck and not me? When I realized where I was going wrong it was a real eye opener and I couldn't believe how simple it was and how short sighted I had been.
Now let's discuss intent.
This is where many people confuse the two and find themselves stuck in a rut.
Intention is what comes after the initial desire and what makes those desires become reality.
The intention you have to fulfil your desires is the difference between success and failure, happiness and unhappiness.
It is what you do and the actions you intend to take that bring into your life what you want.
Now this may sound obvious but you would be surprised how many people think that wanting something and intending to have something pretty much mean the same thing.
They really don't.
Let's take a quick example, Rich People.
How many rich people do you know of who just wanted to be rich so badly that one day they woke up and low and behold they had millions in their bank account.
Let me tell you, the answer is none.
On the other hand, how many people wanted to be rich and then stopped thinking about what they wanted and started thinking about, and taking the necessary action to attain wealth and become rich.
I can tell you that too, ALL of them.
They intended to be rich, took the action required and fulfilled their desire.
Try it out.
Ask the people you know if they really know what the difference between "want" and "intent" is, you may be surprised.
Think about the people you know who have wanted something for a long time and never been able to have it.
Have they ever done anything about getting it, have they ever put in the required effort or have they just seen an insurmountable mountain to climb and decided to live with only the desire and not the intention of attaining whatever it may be that they want? So, in short, we all start with a desire.
Once you know what it is you want, the things that have thus far escaped you, start intending to have them and take the necessary actions.
Your mind is amazing and bit by bit it will tell you what you need to do to attain your goals.
This is relevant to all aspects of life and most definitely NOT just the pursuit of income.
Those who take action and intend to satisfy their desires, I assure you, are always the happiest most contented people we know.
Take action and you goals WILL be fulfilled.
Si O'Donovan

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