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How To Advertise Your Mobile Notary Business

How To Advertise Your Mobile Notary Business

Advertising your mobile notary business is a full time job in itself if you want to be successful. Good marketing will drive new clients to call you again and again as long as you do a quality job for them. But how do you get them to call you in the first place? That is what we will explore in this article.

Traditional Marketing

Business cards and donuts or bagels can be a lethal combination if used correctly in your mobile notary business. It's not easy to pound the pavement and go into escrow and mortgage offices, but the payoffs can be very large. This is a common practice among notaries and so most of your clients will already have had many visitors before. To make yourself standout, make sure and bring some sort of food item. Also then offer to take any job they can give you anytime, regardless of how far away it is. If you have to drive 3 hours for their first job, and that is how you get an in with them, than that is what you have to do. No one said this would be easy!

Referral Marketing

By asking your current clients to refer you to others in the industry you can increase your network of potential clients very quickly. Referrals are one of the best ways to gain new clients as a mobile notary. Make sure you are asking for the referral. If you don't ask for it, you'll likely never get it. Ask for it.

Online Marketing

In the last few years more and more people are going online to find services, including that of mobile notaries. Make sure you have some sort of web presence. If you have your own site, great! If not, make sure you have someone manage your online marketing for you. There are a few good directories on the web, but most are pretty full when it comes to slots left available, especially if you are in a metro area.

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