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Authentic Sweet and Sour Pork

Sweet and sour pork is one of the most popular dishes in Chinese restaurant.
Where did this dish come from? According to the legend The First Emperor Of China(Qin Shi huang) loves food with sweet and sour taste.
There is a solider' mother who wanted the emperor to offer his son a important position in the army and she made the sweet and sour pork to entertain Qin Shi huang.
After tasting the dish offered by this lady, Qin Shi huang enjoyed this dish very much.
Since then the sweet and sour pork was passed down from one generation to another.
Firstly, I would like to offer you the authentic cooking recipes of Chinese and all the detailed tips in the cooking process.
In the future I would like to give you the changed version of this dish.
Please remember the ingredients needed for this dish: Spring onions, garlic, ginger, vinegar, white sugar, starch powder, cooking wine, flour, pork tenderloin Step 1:Cut the tenderloin into strips with the size of 1cmx5cm.
You should never cut it into strips directly and that will take a great effort.
Please cut the pork tenderloin into slices then make slight cuts on the slice.
Why make the slight cuts on the slice? Taste could be covered easily and it makes it cooked easily.
As a result, making slight marks is very important.
As to the strips, never cut it too fine and it would cause the bad mouth feel.
Step2:Pickle the pork strips with small amount of spring onions, ginger, cooking wine, salt and starch powder water for more than ten minutes.
Step3:Next step is mixing the sauce for this dish.
The sauce plays an important role in this dish.
Take out a small bowl and pour relatively more vinegar.
Then put some sugar into the bowl.
The vinegar and sugar ratio is 1:1.
Pour small amount of cooking wine and pour several drips of soy sauce to make the dish color brighter.
Also several drips of sesame oil is necessary.
Then mix all the material in the bowl.
The sauce for the dish is done.
Step4:After the sauce is done, cut up small amount of garlic, spring onions and ginger for the future use.
The next thing you should do is to make the future surface for the sweet and sour pork.
The step is just like this: mixed some starch powder and flour and their ratio should be 7:3 or 8:2,the flour should be the less one.
Then pour some water and mixed the mixture evenly.
It is OK when the mixed fluid is sticky enough to form the drip line.
Step5:Put the picked pork strips into the mixed fluid and it is time to fry the pork strip.
Step 6: Pour a large number of oil into the pot, wait until the oil is 50% hot enough.
How to judge the 50% hot oil, here I will provide you the tips: spoon the oil onto the sides of the pot and if the oil can flow through the side smoothly without any marks, it means that the oil is 50% hot enough.
When the oil reaches the 50% hot it is time to fry the pork strip.
Please always use the medium heat to fry the pork strip.
Using the medium heat can fry the pork very well.
When the pork strips become gold yellow and float on the oil, the fried pork strips are half done.
Step7: Refry the pork strips.
When the oil temperature reaches 70% hot enough, you should fry the prok strips again.
The purpose of refrying is to make the pork strips well done and make the skin of the pork strips taste much crisper.
When refrying is finished, you can remove them from the pot.
Step 8: Pour small quantity of oil into the pot and heat it.
When the oil is hot, put the diced spring onion, garlic and ginger into the pot.
When the scent comes out of the pot, you can pour the vinegar-sugar sauce into the pot.
When the mixture (sauce, diced spring onion, garlic and ginger, oil)boils, pour the fluid mixed with flour and starch powder into the pot and mix them quickly.
When the mixture becomes thick, put the fried pork strips into the pot and mix them very well.
Please keep in mind that you should the big fire to heat the pot.
If the sauce stick the pork strips evenly, it is time to remove them from the pot.
Finally, our sweet and sour pork is done.
The dish version shown above is authentic sweet and sour pork in china and it is a little more complicated, do you think so? However, if you follow the details show above, you would produce the best sweet and sour pork; even you can cook for a Chinese restaurant.
The well done dish features for its bright color, sour and sweet taste, crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside.

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