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Open Construction Project Managers Vacancies in Australia

One of the biggest challenges of the rising urbanization in any country is to accommodate the ever rising population in the same geography. Australia is no exception to this. The demand on homes and commercial spaces is rising with each day and only a handful of space is left for this. This raises a good demand for the Construction planners / workers in the economy. ASRI €Australian and Skills Recognition Information' is one competent body which is liable for identifying €gaps' on skills and recognize talent for the same. The talent can be both domestic and imported. The Skilled Migration Program has therefore poured vacancies on such occupations in the construction industry.

The skilled manpower from countries like India can use the Construction Project Managers vacancies immigrate to Australia. It is however suggested to source relevant information on what makes the work visa possible. ASRI gets 5000 applications for each of the vacancies on CSOL. This should explain you the competition on skilled migration. But, you can still beat the competition if you comprehend the following information right and take the right foot forward.

1. Points Based Migration

Australia is one country that keeps its immigration qualitatively correct. The points based migration makes sure that only the right talent meets the right job. Every application has to €filter' through the net on Academic qualification, Professional work experience, Skills, Language proficiency and Abilities. A score of at least 60 points would keep you alive on the list of probable immigrants. Still, the invitations would be sent to those who get the highest ranks. It is therefore imperative that you know the right criteria to your job and accordingly make an application.

2. IELTS €International English Language Test Score'

Being proficient with the English Language can instantly earn you 20 points on Skillselect. It is therefore suggested that you take the IELTS test well in advance. This should substantiate your ability on all 4 aspects of the official language i.e. reading, writing, speaking and listening.


€Skilled Occupation List / Consolidated Skilled Occupation List' enlists the different occupations currently in demand. It is very important to nominate an occupation on the Expression of Interest €EOI' which is gettable. One should be sure of having all the skills and qualifications that make him or her eligible for the nominated occupation. Merely placing a bland application would do no good to your work visa. It should be specific.

4. Work Visas

The Department of Immigration and Border Protection mentions 4 different visa options under skilled migration.

Skilled Independent visa
Employer Nominated Scheme
Regional Sponsorship Migration Scheme
Standard Business Sponsorship

One should explore more on the visas and select one that suits the profile most.

5. Documentation
Construction Project Managers vacanciesimmigrate to Australia has an unending list of documents on immigration. The application must be substantiated with papers on - identity, nationality, educational credentials, work experience, residence, income, financial sufficiency, health and travel. On missing paper would lead to rejection of the application.

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