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How to Ride a Horse

If you want to master the art of riding a horse, you have to overcome your personal fears before getting on one.
If you are a beginner, you should stick with the basics, and you will be riding your horse in no time.
Attain the sense of freedom that comes with this hobby by following these tips: Choose your teacher wisely.
The key to learning any skill is finding a competent teacher.
Talk to relatives or friends who own horses and visit boarding facilities to look for the instructor best suited for you.
Look for professional instructors who have first aid training and teaching certifications.
Some teachers may not have these qualifications and may have just learned this skill through other veteran riders.
Just make sure that you get to learn the skill you want from your shoes instructor.
It is integral for the instructor to know what skills you already have or if you are a certified newbie.
If it is your first time to ride a horse, your instructor will surely give a well-trained horse for you to gain confidence and to ensure your safety.
Wear proper attire.
Safely should come first when riding a horse.
It is important that you wear a helmet and long pants just in case you fall off the horse.
Another equipment you will need is the tack which includes everything, from the reins to the saddle and stirrups.
It can cost you a lot of money so you may rent the equipment you may need from your instructor.
Just make sure that you check each and every gear for signs of wear and tear.
You should also invest in a good pair of shoes.
For Western riding, it is recommended that you use cowboy boots while English boots are ideal for English riding.
Ride away.
You can ask your teacher to teach you either of the two popular horse riding styles: Western and English.
Western style is perfect for beginners and not as strict as the English style.
If you want to just have some fun, learn the Western style.
On the other hand, if you want to ride and perform in a show and pursue this as a hobby, then by all means learn the English style.
There are many ways to ride a horse and several techniques to master.
For starters, make sure that you start out slow.
Learn to walk before you trot, then trot before you canter and canter before learning to gallop.
Horses are powerful animals so you better be careful if you want to learn how to ride one.
Treat them properly and try to relax all the time for you to gain confidence once you are in position.

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