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It is a human need and want to love and be loved back.
We are imperfect and incomplete beings.
We are searching for something that will make ourselves whole, something we may find in the opposite gender.
This makes opposites attract.
Men need women on their side-a mother and then someone for a girlfriend or a wife.
And so do women.
They need a masculine figure-a father, and a boyfriend or a husband to be with.
For men, finding a girlfriend has never been easy.
And for women, especially those who are aesthetically unfortunate, finding a boyfriend is a lot harder.
Traditions has always indicated that ladies must wait to be courted, that it is men's role to hook up, make the first move, and take charge.
But what if the guy that you really want is not mutually attracted? You might be thinking of following the steps of aggressive women who have resorted to flirtatious acts and revealing their motives to the objects of their obsession.
This may not work.
You'll possibly be left later on doubting that he really loves you and feeling like you've made it too easy for him.
Some may advise you not to reverse the roles of gender.
Men may find that being wooed, though very flattering, deprives them of the role of making their way into their lady's heart.
You may ask if you ever have a chance at finding a boyfriend.
Of course you do.
Here is some advice.
Love yourself first, so you can love others wholeheartedly.
In order to be loved back, make yourself loveable.
Be the person you want to love.
Make it impossible for guys not to love you.
Have a cheerful heart and show your confidence.
Learn to enhance your personality, and keep yourself abreast of current events and general knowledge so you can speak intelligently and charm guys intellectually.
When dating a guy, be a respectable woman.
Be yourself, so he'll know the real you and if ever he gets turned off, then he's not really the guy for you.
Accept it and move on.
Don't give guys the impression that you badly need them.
Let them know that you are also selective.
Figure out what you want in a boyfriend.
Set standards and follow them as you choose your guy.
Investigate to test his sincerity.
Know him better.
Listen to your heart and trust in it.
Find a guy who truly loves you, who's willing to sacrifice and even die for you.
You deserve a boyfriend who's worth you.

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