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12 Ways To Lose Weight By Conquering Your Cravings

When you are thinking about a chocolate bar all afternoon and you drive out of your way to get one on the way home, when you sit down to relax with a cup of tea and eat half a packet of biscuits then maybe you have a food craving problem.
Cravings are like addictions.
The feelings can easily pass and are easily overcome by eating a decent meal.
Managing cravings is about having a few strategies to beat the feelings.
Don't go shopping when you are hungry.
Your taste buds will confuse your mind about what you need to buy.
If you stop for fuel avert your eyes from the snacks at the checkout.
Just take a couple of deep breaths and resist temptation; you will be pleased with yourself.
Carry a tasty protein bar with you to avoid getting hungry between meals.
Especially having coffee when those around you are scoffing cakes.
Eat nutritious meals.
The old 3 square meals and apples for snacks will save you.
Don't keep sweet snacks at home.
You do want to lose weight right.
You control what is in the fridge, if you don't then refuse to buy bad foods.
Eat before going to parties, to avoid overdoing the salty snacks.
Take a multi vitamin and mineral supplement.
Sometimes cravings are a sign of nutritional deficiencies, especially magnesium which can present as sugar cravings.
Consider taking the herb Gymnema to reduce the desire for sugar.
Your health food shop can advise you.
Reduce your alcohol intake, as it lowers your brain's ability to stop eating.
Alcohol plus salt equals overeating.
Use advanced hypnosis to eliminate cravings.
This is the best way to be finally rid of the fat causing cravings.
Use a sugar substitute such as Stevia to reduce your need for sugar.
Even better, give up sugar to retrain your taste buds.
We are manipulated by the snack food companies to desire more salty, fatty and sweet food.
Your cravings are not permanent; they can be managed and overcome for good.
But you need to be willing to use the strategies.
Your weight loss is more important than any chocolate bar or salty snack.
Even a small reduction in the amount of food you use for cravings will get you started on losing weight.
Just remember to celebrate your losses in any way that doesn't involve food.

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