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Sacramento is the capital of the State of California and the county seat of Sacramento County.

Sacramento became the main supply point for the miners and remained important as the western headquarters of the transcontinental railroad. Flashy office towers and hotel complexes have now sprung from its rather suburban streetscape, enlivening the flat grid of leafy, tree lined blocks and going some way towards resurrecting the rowdy, free for all spirit of the cities Gold Rush past. Sutters Fort State Historic Park is a recreation of Sacramentos original settlement, dating back to 1839.

The City of Sacramento, Sacramento County, California, was founded in 1849 and is the oldest incorporated city in California. In 1920, Sacramento City voters adopted a City Charter municipal constitution and a City Council City Manager form of government, which are still used today.

The Counties location at the intersection of four major highways brings additional visitors destined for the San Francisco Bay Area, the Gold Country, the Central Valley and the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

A long established centre of commerce for the surrounding area. Trade and services, federal, state and local government and food processing are important economic sectors.

Visitors are attracted to historical attractions such as Sutters Fort, as well as natural amenities. Along the riverfront it has been restored and converted into the touristy shops and restaurants.

The California State Railroad Museum brings together a range of lavishly restored 1860s locomotives.

The Sacramento French Film Festival is an annual event held in July. It celebrates the present as well as the rich history of French cinema featuring new releases and rarely seen classics.

Enjoy museums, entertainment, restaurants, lots of interesting shops, and plenty of great places to stay at this National Registered Landmark and 28 acre State Historic Park, on the river, in downtown Sacramento.

The arena is home to two professional level basketball teams. The Sacramento Kings of the National Basketball Association and the Sacramento Monarchs of the Women's National Basketball Association. The Kings came to Sacramento from Kansas City in 1985, and the Monarchs are one of the eight founding members of the WNBA, which started in 1997. The Monarchs won the WNBA Championship in 2005 to become the first major, professional sports team in Sacramento to do so.

It has a Mediterranean climate that is characterized by mild winters and dry, hot summers. The area usually has low humidity. Rain typically falls only between November and March, with the rainy season tapering off almost completely by the end of April. Snowfall is rare.

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