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Fat Fighting Foods - Top 5 Foods to Fight Fat and Burn Calories

We all enjoy food and it can be very hard to resist eating even with the strictest of resolutions.
In such a case it seems a like great idea to eat healthy low calorie food that actually helps you lose weight.
If you include the top 5 fat fighting foods your diet control can get the extra kick that you need to reach your weight loss goal.
Berries: Berries are sweet and refreshing.
They contain a high quantity of fiber, they are low on the Glycemic index and therefore they keep your stomach full all day.
They are also high in antioxidants which help to clean the body of toxins and raise the metabolic rate.
So you burn fat faster.
Raspberries and blueberries have the highest fiber content of all berries.
Peanuts: They are a rich source of healthy protein and they cause the rise in blood sugar level to slow down.
It reduces hunger and helps to lower blood fats like triglycerides.
This lowers the risk of heart disease.
Moreover it is rich in fiber, and cleanses the stomach.
So you have fewer mid meal cravings, and the removal of toxins from the body makes the body burn calories faster.
Whole cereal: It has very little Trans fats, and is high on fiber.
This helps the body to reduce craving for longer periods of time.
The fiber also helps to keep the colon free of toxins due to which the digestion is normal, and the body fights fat at a normal rate.
Turkey: Turkey is a protein rich but lean meat.
It is rich in amino acid leucine without too many fatty calories.
This helps to preserve muscle mass in weight loss.
As a result the metabolism works efficiently and burns calories faster than usual.
Enova oil: This oil is a combination of canola and soy oil and it contains of diglycerides.
This is a type of fat which is not stored as fat easily.
Replacing your regular cooking medium with this oil will help you to reduce fat, and burn it faster.

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