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Facebook Game - Little Warrior Review

After been reviewing puzzle/strategy and simulators for over a few weeks, I finally decided to look for a fighting game in Facebook.
With a bit of luck I found Little Warrior, a flash base fighting game that is developed by an independent developer.
Gameplay When I first looked at the advertisement in Little Warrior, I thought this is going to be another beat them up type of 2D games like Street Fighter.
How wrong was I when I find out it is likewise.
First we will look at the game itself.
Little Warrior starts with the character creator screen as soon as you start the game.
It will allow you to choose which character you wish to play and the stats available.
You can choose from western fighter to eastern looking one and all these characters has those anime style type of look on them (one of the character actually looks like she is from Fate Stay Night).
From the same screen you will name your character and choose the stats you wish.
It is advisable to choose the stats carefully as it will determine your victory or your defeat in this game.
Alright once done you will usually be expected to get a player's tutorial like in any other games.
This is where the lousy part of the game comes in.
In this game there is no tutorial whatsoever.
As soon as you choose your character you will be thrown into a fight.
You will get to choose who you wish to fight in the game, so players are advised to choose carefully.
Furthermore you can only fight like 5 to 6 matches before you need to rest 1 hour for the next fight.
I have to admit, I really hate tutorials, but finding a game that has none can be rather challenging as you need to figure out how the game mechanics works.
At first I thought this would be a button mashing game, turns out that there is no button at all.
As soon as you choose an opponent in the game your fighter will start to fight automatically.
You will see them run from left to right trying to knock each other off their feet and see who lasted the longest.
After like a few matches trying to find the control, I guess using the mouse and click at the character before he or she runs back to her starting position is a way to make a double or triple attack.
Confusing, yes I find that too! Once every battle is completed, players will be rewarded with gold and also experience point to level up.
The higher you go on the more powerful your opponent is and the harder the games get.
Gold however can be use to improve your character and to give them the extra edge in battle.
Gold can be use to by special skills in battle and also weapons.
How you utilize it, god knows! I could not even figure out how to call my weapon, let alone my special skills.
Everything is done by the so call smart AI in the game.
Other then the smart AI (Which is not very smart) this game is all based on luck and who you are fighting with.
Best choose those who are weaker then you in stats, I know it is a bit lame, but this is the only way to progress in this game.
Other then all those drawbacks this game does have a very nice feature.
After every match players will be able to playback your previous games like watching a video recording and see how well you do.
Now I find this feature very interesting.
Graphic Very nice graphic really, from the background to the Chibi Character, this game is a real work of art.
Too bad I could not say much about the gameplay.
Sound No music, which there was.
All fighting game must have music.
Only sound I heard is from gun fire to punching sound.
Not even a sound of your character getting hurt.
Conclusion This is a very beautiful game, but somehow the gameplay seems to have killed the game itself.
I only played for about 2 days and I was already lost my interest in it.
It would be nice if the developers put some real control or instruction in this game.
I give this a 1 out of 5 in rating.

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