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Child Molester Laws in Tennessee

    Crimes Against Children

    • The 2010 Tennessee criminal code, section 39-13-523, outlines the various sexual crimes that can be perpetrated upon children. Under child predator laws, predatory crimes include aggravated sexual battery, statutory rape, solicitation of a minor to commit a sex offense (including online solicitation) or aggravated child rape..The minimum sentence for child rape in Tennessee is 25 years.

    Lifetime Community Monitoring

    • According to the provisions of the 2010 Tennessee criminal code, any person convicted of a predatory offense against a child is required to submit to community supervision for life. This sentence commences immediately upon release from incarceration and involves any supervisory measures deemed necessary by the parole or probation officer assigned to the offender. The purpose of this law is to prevent the offender from committing any further sex offenses as well as promote his rehabilitation. This law almost always requires registration as a sex offender.

    Punishment for Certain Child Offenders

    • Certain sentencing guidelines applicable for other crimes do not apply in cases of child rape and molestation. Any child sexual predator, multiple rapist or multiple child rapist is required to serve the entire sentence imposed by the court undiminished by any sentence reduction. Any sentencing credits the offender is entitled to shall be applied toward increased privileges in prison or reduced security classification, but may not be used for a decreased sentence. Child sexual predators, multiple rapists or multiple child rapists are ineligible for parole, probation or early release of any kind.

    Authority Figures

    • Sexual battery, rape or solicitation by an authority figure carries an enhanced classification in Tennessee, making the penalties more severe. If a defendant is in a position of trust, had supervisory or disciplinary authority over the victim, or if the victim was mentally or physically handicapped and dependent upon the defendant or physically helpless (regardless of age), sexual battery will be a Class C felony. Sexual battery includes any unlawful sexual contact; consent of the victim is no defense.

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