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How To Approach A Woman Without Looking Foolish - 3 Hard Hitting Tips On Approaching Women

Nine times out of 10, when a guy starts talking about his problems meeting and attracting women, the subject of approaching comes up. For most guys, the approach is a source of a lot of mystery, frustration, and even some fear. You don't want to come across looking foolish, you want to make the best impression you possibly can. What happens to most guys, is that they end up thinking about it so much, they end up talking themselves out of approaching most of the women that they would really like to meet.

Here are 3 hard hitting tips that should help you figure out how to approach a woman without looking foolish:

1. Most women do not want to hear a recycled pick up line.

I know, for some guys, the right pick up line is like the holy grail to them. The problem is, that most guys come up with pick up lines that sound exactly like what they are. And women don't want to feel like they are being picked up, they want to feel like they just happened to meet a really cool guy. So, unless you have a proven, killer opening line, don't bother with the traditional openers that get overused all of the time.

2. Your appearance DOES matter.

What most guys get wrong about the appearance is, it does not really matter if you are in perfect shape, if you look like you can bench 350, or like you are dripping with money. What does matter is that you look well put together, like you know how to take care of yourself and that it does matter to you to make a good impression. Add in a little of your own style and flair and you will be able to make the kind of impression that makes her want to get to know more about you.

3. If you want to get her number or a date, don't be afraid to lead into it.

I've seen a lot of guys who get a little too confident or they just don't know any better and they ask for the date or the number way too soon and of course, it does not happen for them most of the time. And then I have seen a lot of guys that will talk and talk and never even bring up the chance of getting a date or a phone number. Kind of like they are hoping she will just give it to them. You have to make the conversation lead into it, so that it just feels natural for her to set up a date or give you her phone number.

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