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Premature Ejaculation - You Can Beat It

You can defeat your problem with premature ejaculation.
In the vast majority of cases all you need is some information and a bit of determination.
Drugs or surgery are rarely necessary.
Climax control lotions are unpleasant and counterproductive.
They numb your senses and make it impossible for you to enjoy sex.
The causes for premature ejaculation can be both psychological and physical.
You can defeat these barriers by developing a full understanding of the reasons behind premature ejaculation.
There are some simple things that you can do to give yourself greater staying power, but in order to truly overcome this problem it has to be dealt with from several angles.
Without a systematic approach to account for all the factors, you are likely to become unsatisfied with your results and simply just quit trying.
The mental aspect of premature ejaculation is far-reaching.
It affects us on both the conscious and unconscious level.
It can also be an unnoticed force driving what might otherwise appear to be a physical problem.
Your body responds automatically in several ways during sex.
The natural responses of your body tend to heighten your level of arousal quickly and propel you towards uncontrollable ejaculation.
But you can take mental control of these automatic processes and make the response happen the way you wanted to.
Think about your breathing.
We take that for granted all the time.
You don't really have to think about your breathing, do you? If you don't think about it, it works all by itself.
One of your natural tendencies is to begin breathing at a much faster and shallower rate during sex.
This is one of those automatic responses that will increase your arousal level and get you too excited too soon.
But you can control this and use it to keep your level of excitement lower.
Your thoughts about sex also drive your level of excitement.
When you visualize erotic thoughts you become excited much faster.
But by keeping control of your thoughts and focusing your attention on all of the sensations from your whole body during sex, you can instead concentrate on the pleasurable physical experience and keep your arousal level much lower.
Your attitude and approach to sex is another key component of the mental aspect.
If you can approach sex with the notion that it is something to be enjoyed as a pleasant experience than you will also find that you're able to maintain much greater control.
One way to do this is by focusing on your partner instead of yourself.
By doing this you will find that you can have a very relaxing experience can take the time to thoroughly enjoy each others bodies.
This has the great benefit of making sure that she will also be fully satisfied.
Hypersensitivity to sexual stimulation is also something you may need to deal with.
Many men have inadvertently trained their nervous system to come to full arousal very quickly.
By taking time and slowing things down you can retrain your nervous system to be less sensitive to sexual stimulation.
One completely physical aspect of premature ejaculation is widely unknown.
The perinatal muscles control your ejaculation and help to push it out through the urethra.
They stretch across the base of the pelvis from the tailbone to the pubic bone.
They surround your rectum, the base of your prostate and your urethra where it enters the bulb of the penis.
During ejaculation spasms in these muscles push the semen out through your urethra.
Become intimate with them.
You can find them by attempting to stop your stream during urination.
Exercise these muscles by contracting them periodically to make them stronger and give you better control.
When they are strong enough and you are able to exercise control over them you can actually use them to stop your ejaculation and continue having sex with incredible duration.
Many people think that premature ejaculation is just something that you have to live with.
As it turns out this is entirely untrue.
It is a highly embarrassing condition that causes a great deal of needless stress for many people.
It isn't just a man's problem.
Women are affected by it too.
They feel it through dissatisfaction and frustration in their sex lives which leads to relationship problems.
There are some things about premature ejaculation they can show immediate improvement.
Others will take more time and practice.
As with many things in life, if it's worth having then it's worth making an effort.
With a little bit of work, practice and perseverance you can kick this problem for good.
Not only that, but you can become the master of your ejaculation and have the greatest sex ever.

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