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Whole House Sediment Water Filter - Why You Can Do Better Than a Sediment Water Filter

Whole house sediment water filters serve as a great initial step in the filtration process, but it's not a good idea to rely on one as a sole method of filtration.
  And here's why..
A whole house sediment water filter will work great at removing visible particles, sediment, and even microscopic particles that give water a bad taste or odor.
  They may even remove some or most of the chlorine that's dumped in our treatment supplies as a disinfectant agent too.
  But are you aware of what they do not remove? *Volatile organic chemicals (VOCs)- this is the term used to describe all the synthetic chemicals that our society creates that end up in our drinking water.
  In the U.
alone, there has been over 2,100 toxic chemicals found in the tap system that are carcinogenic.
*Chlorinated byproducts (THMs)- these are the compounds that form when chlorine and synthetic chemicals react with each other.
  Most of these can be very hazardous to your health.
  In fact, they have also been shown to be highly cancerous.
  Women with breast cancer usually show about 40-60% more THMs in their breast tissue than women without breast cancer.
*Cysts- these microbiological contaminants that cause gastrointestinal problems.
  The most common ones are Cryptosporidium and Giardia.
  They are resistant to chlorine, so they must be removed by a quality water filter.
*Lead- this is the number one environmental health threat to our children.
  It's not even attempted to be removed in public plants because most of it comes from the lead pipes and solder joint in our home plumbing system, which over 98% of all homes contain.
And these are only the common ones.
  A whole house sediment water filter will not effectively remove any of these contaminants, which is why something other than this kind of system is needed.
In fact, what a whole house sediment water filter does should be what a standard pre-filter does on any quality whole house system.
  This is needed so sediment and visible particles do not clog the main system.
  Then, the more difficult contaminants like VOCs, THMs, lead, cysts, herbicides, pesticides, and others can be removed using technology like water atomization and ion exchange filtration.

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