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Stress at Work: The Cause

There are a number of factors that can contribute to stress.
It is also true that stress can occur in a number of different environments.
However, many people will agree that the work environment is one of the top places where stress is deeply felt by individuals.
There are so many factors as to why stress at work is so prevalent.
Knowing the various causes for stress at work is very important for beginning the process of alleviating a stressful work environment.
There are a number of telltale signs that individuals are working in a stressful work environment.
Noticing these signs will help people to begin to take action so that going to work every day is not an event that causes extreme discomfort as it does for many people on a daily basis.
The following are some factors that contribute to stress at work.
Work Overload - Too much work is one of the biggest factors that can contribute to stress on the job.
With many companies looking to decrease overhead costs, more people are being placed in work circumstances where they are required to do the work of two people as opposed to one.
Not only is the work load being doubled, but supervisors and managers are expecting that the same quality of service.
This can lead to tremendous of amounts of stress for those that feel bombarded by their work.
Conflicts with Personnel - Conflicts with personnel whether it be a higher up or a fellow co-worker can lead to stress.
It can be very difficult to complete even the simplest of tasks when there is obvious contention between people at work.
People that feel that their bosses "have it out for them" are more likely to be under a lot of stress to perform at a certain level, or they may feel that they are being treated unfairly.
Likewise, conflicts between co-workers can cause stress because it makes it far more difficult for common work responsibilities to be delegated and completed when co-workers are feuding.
Gossip - Water cooler gossip is very common in many work places, and it is the cause of a tremendous amount of stress in many places of employment.
Gossip can really bring down the morale of employers, particularly those that are the subject of gossip.
It does not add anything positive to the work environment at all, and only serves to create high levels of stress, anxiety and ill feelings in a work environment.
For a healthier work environment that is stress free gossip of all types should be avoided at all costs.
Inefficient Management - Many people depend on their supervisors and managers in order to have an idea as to how they should operate within a work environment.
Thus, it can be very stressful when the very people that are supposed to establish the rules and guidelines for a place of employment are fickle, inept and inefficient.
Inefficient management can cause a lot of stress because employers may be constantly wondering how what they are supposed to be doing because management is not as thorough as it should be.

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