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General Information About Leopard Geckos

The Leopard gecko is named after the Leopard, because of the obvious similarity of their yellow skin with black spots.
Their similarity ends there.
Its unique coloration is one trait that distinguishes the Leopard gecko from its fellow geckos.
Another unique trait of a Leopard Gecko is it sleeps with its eyes closed.
This is due to the fact that Leopard geckos have eyelids, a feature absent in most other types of geckos.
It also has tiny claws while others species have pads on its toes which are useful for climbing.
Because they have claws they are not very good climbers and this further sets them apart from other geckos.
Aside from the physical uniqueness of this reptile, it is also known for a very special and interesting habit.
It has the habit of choosing an area of its habitat and designating that specific area as its "toilet.
" It will usually urinate and defecate in the same place every time as long as its enclosure is not moved or reoriented.
This habit is good for a pet owner who can then design the habitat with this in mind and place accessories inside the enclosure relative to the area used as a restroom.
In addition to their tendency to return to this bathroom area is the fact that their urine and feces are both usually in solid form.
Therefore, cleaning up after this reptile is simpler compared to other types.
The tail is yet another interesting thing about these reptiles.
Leopard geckos depend on their tail for several reasons.
It can be used as defense strategy against predators.
It serves as a defense because when grasped by the tail, the gecko literally breaks away from its tail.
The tail has evolved to break off at locations which result in very little blood loss, thus enabling the gecko the possibility of escaping from the clutches of a would be predator.
They also depend on their tail to store valuable nutrients.
They keep fat stored away in their tail for times when food is scarce.
They also use the stored fat during the colder months during which they tend to eat less.
The tongue is another unique feature of Leopard geckos.
It can clean its eyes using its tongue; a truly interesting thing to watch and very practical too.
This reptile prefers to eat only live insects.
They like to consume insects such as crickets, and locusts.
They also have an appetite for meal worms, and wax worms.
Pet owners should note that wax worms are fattening for geckos and they should not be given to them too often.
However, wax worms are good sources of nutrients when they need to rebuild their fat reserves.
External heat determines the gender of their babies.
If the egg is incubated at the lower 80 degree Fahrenheit range the gender will most likely be female.
Higher temperatures in the upper 80 degree Fahrenheit range will usually result in male Leopard geckos.
Breeders often use this to their advantage to select the gender.
Lastly, Leopard geckos have a lifespan of about 12 to 20 years if they are raised from birth and properly cared for.
Pet owners need to be prepared to spend years caring for an individual gecko.
For these reasons and others Leopard geckos have become quite popular the world over.
They are usually very gentle creatures with many unique and interesting traits.

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