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What Types of Internet Articles Should Online Article Submission Directory Sites Ban?

There has been lots of discussion online about the types articles which are acceptable for article directory websites on the Internet.
Most of the legitimate online article authors just hate to see articles that have to do with topics which are not mainstream or far too risque.
As an article author myself online, there are things that bother me when I see them on such websites.
Therefore, I am very careful where I post my content.
Indeed, it is my hope other article authors will back me up on a comment that needs to be made.
Some topics no-matter how much commercial value they derive should not be allowed.
After all, the Porn Online Industry is said to be billions per year, so it obviously has commercial value and yet, it would be disgusting to have that smut on directory websites with legitimate folks trying very hard to run their companies and attract a solid clientele and maintain their reputations.
Even questionable contest like "female clitoral piercings" is really over stepping the bounds and shouldn't be included.
Penis enlargement is just not the right mix really either.
I hope others would back me up on this, as, I do not want my articles near that stuff; no legitimate article author online would.
Additionally, there are categories of articles that not only attract "spammer content" they attract regulators of false-advertising, and I doubt anyone wants to go down that path.
Further, many of the types of topics such as "Acai Berries" and such are attracting folks that market them in such a way that they are making false statements, citing unsubstantiated medical health benefits, and are going to cause problems down the road.
Obviously, there is no way to avoid all the challenges, but mitigating some of them sure makes sense to me.
Even thought I like Acai Berry juice as much as the Goji Berry "splash" supplement personally.
Perhaps, it is for this reason that online article directory websites must be completely careful how they do their business and what sorts of articles they allow onto their website.
If not their reputation is sunk and thus, there is no way to maintain legitimacy or continue attracting the best authors.
Please consider all this.

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