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Restoring Marriage - Ways Your Marriage Can Be Renewed

Restoring marriage when it seems that all respect, love and commitment are gone can be a daunting task.
However, it is possible to renew a broken marriage, even in the midst of serious marital problems.
Are you struggling with anger, selfishness, loneliness or perhaps and affair in your marriage and think that restoring marriage is not possible? Well, I must tell you that marriages with bigger problems have been renewed so don't give up hope on your marriage yet.
One of the keys to restoring marriage is to first change the mind and then the heart.
It's obvious that your marriage wasn't always this way but somehow as you've both matured and gotten wiser your thinking has changed.
Stuff that you used to be OK with now drives you crazy right? Has you spouse changed or have you? OK so the first step in restoring marriage is to figure out what mental and physical changes need to be made to renew your marriage.
Mental Changes in Restoring Marriage So many times in marriage couples have built up so many negative feelings about their marriage and more importantly their spouse that even the good things begin to look and feel bad.
Something done by one person a few years ago would have been appreciated and accepted as an act of love is now viewed with suspicion and motives are questioned.
Instead of "thank you" and "I love you" the thoughts of "what did you do wrong" or "this is just a cover for something you are doing".
If you want to really restore your marriage you need to return to the days when a smile was just a smile and a kiss was just a way of showing how much your spouse loved you.
Renew your marriage by replacing all of your built up negative feelings and suspicions about your spouse and marriage with appreciation and love for your partner.
Physical Changes in Restoring Marriage There are a number of physical changes you can make in rebuilding your marriage.
Some of them require you to get past the negative feelings and just do these.
  1. Hug (a real hug not a buddy hug) at least 3 times a day.
  2. Hold hands while walking out in public as often as you can.
  3. Put a picture of your spouse as your screen saver on your computer and phone.
  4. Agree that on at least two nights a week you will go to bed at the same time.
  5. Commit to taking a walk at least one day a week (without discussing any serious topics)
The goal here in restoring marriage is to help you return to being good friends.
It's hard to renew your marriage when you can't seem to be friends or in some cases intimate.
Making a conscious decision to touch and be together when in doesn't involve tense or confrontational moments will help you renew your marriage.

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