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3 Things We All Hate About Weight Loss

People hate change.
Not change like a new flavour of ice cream or a drop in interest rates or a faster computer speed.
The changes we all hate are those that require some active involvement on our own part, like the bus stop being moved further down the road or our hairdresser leaving town or doing something about our fatty bits.
Number one for things we hate about weight loss is the need to change what we eat, how much we eat and when we eat.
We have grown very comfortable in the habits we have built up over months and years.
Change means effort.
Change for weight loss means cutting out some foods and cutting down others while building up our intake of complex carbs, protein and unsaturated fats.
The good news is, we can't hate our weight control diet forever.
Eventually our tastebuds surrender and learn to love the food that is good for us.
It will take a few weeks to start a new habit, but it will happen if you let go of your "hatred" of good food.
Number two is exercise.
Just the thought of exercise can send you in a blind panic to the kitchen for a soothing little treat.
Exercise means effort, especially the regular variety needed if you really want to lose weight and keep it off.
More effort in your day!You can't find the time for all the things you are doing now, how can you possibly find the time for the effort involved in exercise? You know, the thought of exercise is much more repugnant to us than the actual exercise itself.
When you bite the bullet rather than the cream bun and do a bit of exercise, you are more than likely to find yourself thinking "hey, that wasn't too bad after all".
Embrace this thought and exercise again tomorrow and the day after and the day after that.
Before you know it, hate will turn to a curious attraction that will grow and evolve over time.
You have to give it a chance and it will happen for you.
Number three is people who've made it.
They have lost weight and maintained goal weight.
We secretly or even openly hate them.
Why?They've just got what we want and that's the trouble.
These people are living proof that good diet and regular exercise will get us where we want to be.
All the excuses in the world cannot brush aside the fact right before our very eyes that if you are determined to lose weight and keep it off, you can.
We can't afford to waste negative emotions.
See these people as beacons of hope, not someone to envy.
Don't hate the fit and trim individual in the trainers who is eating a healthy salad with obvious relish - become that person.
Because you can if you really want to.

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