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With This Ring, I Thee Wed - Creative Ways to Exchange Your Wedding Rings

The presentation and the exchange of your rings is one of the most important parts of your wedding ceremony.
The wedding rings are a symbol of the marriage and of your promise to each other.
If you are sticking to tradition in your wedding ceremony there is a specific way that you and your partner should give your rings to each other.
However, if you want to make your wedding unique and different there are many ways that you can present your rings to each other in a creative way.
What to Present the Rings In Traditionally, the wedding rings are balanced precariously on the top of a pillow carried by your ring bearer, who is usually a young cousin or toddler.
Instead, why not have the rings tied to the wedding bouquet? The rings could be attached to the bouquet of the maid of honor so that she could present them when the time is right.
You could also include a special person in your life, a grandparent or a step-parent in the wedding ceremony by naming them your honored guest and asking them to present the rings.
You could also wear the wedding rings down the aisle on a necklace, so that they are right there with you when you are at the altar.
What about having a "ring warming"? This is when you give the rings to two people at the rear of the seating area before the ceremony.
Ask for the guests to pass the rings along, holding them for a moment each and saying a silent prayer or blessing of love for you while doing so.
By the time the rings make their way up to the front, they will be filled with positive energy from all of your loved ones.
Those Important Words The next question is what you will say when you give the rings to each other.
If you are having a religious wedding, there will likely be a phrase which has been passed down for generations which is traditionally said as the rings are exchanged.
This traditional verse might be just perfect for your religious ceremony.
If you are having a non-denominational wedding you might not want to use the traditional religious phrase, so you are free to invent your own meaningful phrases.
What you say is up to you and your partner, but it could be something like, "As this ring encircles your finger, so shall my love encircle you for today and every day of your life.
" You could even write a poem or a story for your beloved about what the ring means to you.
When it comes down to it, the most important thing about exchanging your wedding rings is what the rings mean to you.
The ring exchange symbolizes the everlasting love between you and your partner, so be inspired by whatever that means to you.

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