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3 Ways to Connect With Your Divine Mate Quick, Fast and in a Hurry

Many people think they know what they want in a mate.
 They think they can choose their mate like when shopping for clothes, a home or a car.
 You may have some realistic ideas about what you want in a mate and your ideal relationship but there are three secret ingredients for truly connecting with your divine mate, quick fast and in a hurry.
  Be Friends First It works out so much better in the long run even if you never marry the person.
 If you can't be friends with a person, how can you create a long-lasting relationship?  -That's what marriage is "a long-lasting friendship with someone you love".
 That's why I recommend people see more than one person at a time at first.
 Why commit too soon? I don't mean sleep around.
 I mean be open to more than one friendly relationship with the opposite sex at a time --without guilt.
 This way you'll know what you want and what you don't want.
  Partnering with spirit Not relying totally on your own perception, experience and desires.
 Partnering with spirit gives you access to the inner/future world rather than outward appearances only.
 Before settling down and committing to one solid relationship, I was dating two guys.
 One of them was steadier than the other.
 He seemed more consistent with who I wanted as a life partner.
 However, I didn't want to make a decision on my own.
 I asked for divine guidance.
 I asked God and my angels to help me to know my divine mate - to give me signs, signals and clear direction.
  Be Open To The Answers The not-so-steady guy is now my husband.
 I was surprised to learn that he was the one.
I remember the moment it was dropped in my heart that he was the one.
 I immediately contested.
 I had two major issues; (1) He's too cheap (2) He's not romantic.
 Then, as divine as it may seem, he started taking me out more often and his romance abilities kicked up a couple notches.
It's been a wonderful 12 years now but sometimes I wonder --what if I hadn't gone with the divine guidance? I am not an exception, this guidance is available to you too-that's why I've created some wonderful tools for you.

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