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How to Make Baptismal Decorations

    • 1). Select a theme and color scheme. Celebrate your child's baptism with a theme reflecting the sacredness and holiness of the day. Consider a something like Christ the King, Noah's Ark or new life. Choose colors to coordinate with your theme. Consider various shades of pink or blue, depending on the baby's gender or using the colors of the liturgical season, such as red, green, white, purple or gold.

    • 2). Use flowers. Add simple decorations and centerpieces by gathering household vases and cutting flowers from your own garden. Replace the expensive florist arrangements with fresh cut flowers. Consider using potted plants, which can be used in your own home and garden or given to guests as small favors.

    • 3). Buy cloth from a fabric store. Find a color of cloth to match your baptismal color scheme and theme, and use the cloth as a table runner. Sew the ends of the cut cloth or use fusible tape or bonding fabric to hem the cloth's edge. Consider adding other embellishments to your new table runner, or adorn with a centerpiece.

    • 4). Use baby items for decorations. Before dressing your baby in those new outfits or wrapping him in his new blanket, put those to work as decorations for your child's baptism. Hang baby clothes on coat hangers on the wall. Grab three baby bottles and tie together with a festive colored ribbon for a centerpiece. Try filling the bottles with confetti.

    • 5). Make photo centerpieces. Use a few teddy bears as the table centerpieces. Place a framed photograph of the baby in the bear's paws. Paint flower pots to match your color scheme. Insert a piece of Styrofoam and place wire into the Styrofoam. Place photos of the baby on the wire and tape the back to hold in place. Hide the Styrofoam with filler paper or other decoration.

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