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How to Draw Car Bodies & Engines

    • 1). Choose your favorite car and engine photograph to learn to draw car bodies and engines. You can find a photograph online or in an automotive magazine. Or you can take a picture of a car with its hood open to display its engine.

    • 2). Save the photograph or image on your computer. To save an online image, right click and select "File," select "Save As," and then name your image and save it to a convenient location. If the image is from a book, magazine, or hard copy photograph, scan the image into the computer by using a scanner. When you scan your image, scan it in black and white.

    • 3). Open the image in any photo-editing or art software that you have available. Paint is available on most Windows PCs under "Accessories." Change the color to black and white. Print the image in black and white.

    • 4). Study the image to notice the general shapes of the car and engine that you have selected to draw.

    • 5). Use a pencil to sketch the basic shapes you see--use light pressure. Sketch in the basic body spaces, the shape of the engine and the tires.

    • 6). Draw in the basic details of the car, using the shape sketches as a guide. Draw in the main lines on the car and the engine, all the outlines, bumper lines, grill lines, lines on the engines, door lines, window lines and rims.

    • 7). Add the finer details and shading--if you are keeping your car and engine drawing black and white--by referring to the black and white image that you printed.

    • 8). Scan your image into a computer at 300dpi if you will be finishing it using art software on your computer. Or add the colors and shading to your car and engine drawing using your preferred art medium--chalk, markers, colored pencils or paint.

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