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How to add Chlorine to a Salt Water Pool

    • 1). Take a reading of your pool's pH, salt and chlorine levels. The easiest way to do this is to take a sample of water to your local pool supply store, though all pool owners should learn to take their own readings to maintain their pool. Inquire with your local pool supplier for the ideal chlorine levels for your pool's size and capacity.

    • 2). If your chlorine level is too low, buy a chlorine solution at your local pool supplier. If you have a saltwater generating system, the salt in your generator actually generates chlorine. In this case, adding salt to your system will generate chlorine.

    • 3). Apply the solution to your pool or the salt to your generator. After a couple of days, take another reading of your water. If the problem has not been corrected, chances are good that you'll have to start at the beginning with a new batch of saltwater. Contact your local saltwater pool supplier for a new stock of saltwater.

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