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Smooth, Strengthen and Repair Your Hair With Crack Leave-in Conditioner

Are you suffering from dry, fried hair that feels like straw in your hands? Maybe you've been overdoing it with the straightening iron, the curling iron, and the hot rollers. Heat can easily fry your hair into submission, to the point where it's brittle and singed. At the same time, over-dying can produce the same effect. If you add too much bleach to your hair, your strands can easily become hard to brush out, hard to handle, dry and damaged. That's where leave-in conditioner comes in. When normal conditioner can't seem to get the job done, leave-in conditioner steps in to save the day, adding moisturizing and healing properties back into your hair to get those strands into top shape once again.

Leave-in conditioner is often ignored in hair care routines, but it's one of the best choices you can make when it comes to taking care of your hair. Leave-in conditioner is different from regular conditioner in that it's applied after you shower, and it isn't rinsed out. Until you wash your hair again, it's left in there to moisturize and protect your tresses against damage. Unlike regular conditioners, which use oil to make your hair soft and supple, leave-in conditioners use glycerin, which helps to untangle your knots and add a bit of moisture to dry hair.

Leave-in conditioner is much like a body moisturizer. Think about it – if you're using body wash with moisturizer in the shower, you'll still probably apply body lotion when you get out, in order to really lock in the moisture and keep it there all day long. The same principle applies to leave-in conditioner – even though you've conditioned in the shower, it's smart to condition afterwards as well, as leave-in conditioner will keep your hair feeling smooth and supple all day long. Wondering how to apply leave-in conditioner?

Start by shampooing and conditioning in the shower as usual. Then, towel dry your hair slightly, and place a dollop of leave-in conditioner in your palm. If you have longer hair, you might need a bit more, but generally, about a nickel-sized amount will do. Comb the leave-in conditioner through your hair with your fingers, making sure it's evenly distributed, and pay special attention to the ends, as our ends tend to be the driest. Once you've done that, throw your locks back up in a towel while you apply your makeup or put on your body lotion. This gives the conditioner time to sink in, and the towel adds an extra bit of heat to really help the conditioner penetrate deep into the strands of your hair.

Looking for a great leave-in conditioner to smooth, strengthen and repair your strands? Consider Crack Leave-in Conditioner, so named because your hair soaks it up just like a drug. This amazing product was created by hairdressers, for hairdressers – so you know it works.  The professionals are the ones who know hair best, and they're the ones who've put their time and money into the product. Crack, which is billed as a "highly addictive" multi-task leave in treatment, offers a lightweight, super moisturizing dose of reparative therapy for your locks, while smoothing split ends and protecting your tresses from UVA and UVB rays. It even protects against chlorine, and is a great asset when the days are long and warm and the pool seems like a welcome break from the heat.

Crack also protects your hair against styling tools, providing a barrier from heat and thermal styling. If you're the type to fire up your straightening iron each morning and your curling iron every weekend, it's time to invest in some good leave-in conditioner. Your hair wasn't built to take that much heat abuse, so it's high time you gave it a protective coating before you exposed it to the iron.

What's great about Crack's leave-in conditioner is that it leaves your hair shiny and glowing, without adding grease. Many leave-in conditioners can leave your hair feeling weighted down, heavy and greasy, but Crack doesn't. Instead, it keeps your hair looking polished and healthy all day long.

Crack is beloved by hairdressers for its ability to operate as a multi-tasking leave-in treatment. It's a styling aid. It's a leave-in conditioner. It's one product that transforms keratin-depleted, stressed, frizzy strands into sleek, smooth, healthy hair. The treatment works thanks to micro proteins and power peptides that are absorbed deep into the hair cuticle.

These agents encase the hair follicle, offering healing keratinous bonds that block the effects of humidity and eliminate up to 95% of frizz. If you're looking for healthy, smooth, shiny hair that lasts all day long, Crack Leave-in Conditioner is for you. Penetrating the hair cuticles to protect, strengthen and repair, this is one product you simply can't live without.

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