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Are You a Hero? Or Villain?

"A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles.
" - Christopher Reeve
I've always thought about the common differences between the Superheroes we love and the Super-Villains we love to hate.
So I made a side-by-side check list of these qualities and found that the only real factor that determines whether you're a hero or a villain - is your attitude.
Go through the checklist below and see what side you're on.
This can be an eye-opening experience, but don't get discouraged if you find yourself on the wrong side of the list.
I'll tell you exactly how to change from Villain to Hero...
or vice versa.
The difference between a Hero and a Villain is:
- A villain saves himself while a hero saves others.
- A villain serves himself while a hero serves others.
- A villain puts his life, his needs, his wants first while a hero will put his own life on the line for others.
- A villain puts others at risk for his own gain while a hero will put it all at risk for his fellow man and woman.
- A villain will do the right thing only if he benefits from it while a hero will do the right thing regardless of the outcome.
- A villain stands on popularity while a hero stands on principle.
- A villain wants servants and goons while a hero wants teamwork from friends.
- A villain does whatever he wants, whenever he wants, to whomever he wants in order to get what he wants while a hero does the right thing whether he wants to or not.
- A villain's attitude is all about him while a hero's attitude is all about others.
- A villain sees others as disposable while a hero sees others as valuable.
- A villain gains power through destruction while a hero gains power through service and building others up.
- A villain gains respect through fear while a hero gains respect through courage.
- A villain surrounds himself with people dumber than he is to satisfy his need for dominance and superiority while a hero seeks out those wiser than he is to fill his need for understanding and personal growth.
If you went through this checklist and found yourself with one too many check marks on the Villain side, don't worry.
The answer is simple: Think of your favorite superhero story.
Both the Hero and the Villain are born out of something tragic.
You know, parents died or they were abandoned as a child; fall into nuclear waste; or they are the product of a science experiment gone wrong.
Basically, really bad stuff happens to both of them, BUT the difference is in how they react to it.
A Villain sees himself as a victim, gets bitter and blames others.
A Hero sees himself as a victor, gets better and seeks to protect others.
So to move a check mark from the Villain category to the Hero category, you must first change your self-perception.
Why perception? Didn't you just say it was attitude?
Follow me, now...
Trying to change yourself from the outside in is virtually impossible.
Real and lasting change must come from the inside out.
Self -Perception dictates thoughts; your thoughts determine attitude; attitude determines actions; actions are your choices; and choices determine outcome -- ultimately defining who you are to others.
And since your actions are defined by your attitude and your attitude is determined by your thoughts, then in order to change any unwanted personal characteristic, you must first change how you think and feel about yourself, about others and about life.
That is why perception is the only difference between what makes one a Victim or a Victor -- a Villain or a Hero.
Who will you choose to be?

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