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How to Hang Pictures Going Up a Stairwell

    • 1). Select your base. Your base will be the point of reference to determine if every picture is hung the same height from your base. Your base can be the stairs themselves, your base board, or your stair railing.

    • 2). Pick the distance you want each picture to hang from your base. For example, you may want to place each picture 3 feet higher than your base board.

    • 3). Hold your measuring tape at your selected base and point it upwards, pushing the tape until you have reached your desired height.

    • 4). Mark the spot with a pencil.

    • 5). Push a push pin into the marked spot.

    • 6). Repeat Steps 4, 5 and 6 until you reach the top of your stairwell.

    • 7). Wrap a string around your push pin at the bottom of your stairs, and drag it to the next closest push pin. Pull the string tightly and wrap it around the push pin. Continue wrapping the string tightly around each push pin until you reach the push pin at the top of the stairs.

    • 8). Measure the string's distance from the base every couple of feet to make sure the distance is the same throughout the length of the string.

    • 9). Nail your nails, or screw your screw at points along the string.

    • 10

      Hang your pictures on those nails or screws.

    • 11

      Level your pictures with a leveler and adjust accordingly.

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