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Springtime Dog Clothing Trends

Springtime is just around the corner.
 Fashion trends are hotter than ever! The runways are bringing new and fresh designs for the new season.
 Well if the trends are fancy and fresh for the human kind then they are just as fresh for our canine companions.
 New trends in dog clothes closely mimic those off the runways in New York.
 What is hot for spring? There are so many new fashion trends for spring.
 Some are new but some are not so new.
Not all human fashion trends can be converted into doggy fashion trends.
 Trends that involve necklaces or bracelets just do not work for dogs.
 However, if it is a type of gemstone or color that is in style, you can translate this into dog charms, collars or even dog barrettes and hair bows.
 Also, shoe trend does not carry over into doggy fashion.
 Even though you can find the most adorable dog shoes and booties they can usually only convey trends in colors that are in style.
 We all know that we are not going to put a pooch in a wedged heel.
      Some of the current trends on the runway during fashion week will carry over into doggie design.
 Here are a few that I think we will also see in small dog clothes and some large dog clothing as well.
 Zippered accents are hot right now.
 This trend could carry over well because dog clothing tends to have lots of fasteners or pockets for treats anyway.
 What colors are in? The colors of the season are hot pink and neon which are inspired by the 90s.
 Looks like the male dogs will have to wear the neon to stay in style.
 Neon green and electric blue are great colors for male dogs.
 Black on white is another fashion forward trend for the spring.
    In addition to the colors themselves, how you place the colors also dictates trend.
 This spring color blocking is all the rave.
 Blocks of color strategically placed on any garment is eye popping.
 The biggest item that will carry over into spring for dog fashion is the fashionable dog trench coat or raincoat.
 This will be worn by many dogs to keep them from springs notorious rainy weather.
 If this is a purchase you tend on making for your best friend make sure that the dog rain jacket is waterproof.
 It is always fun to have the knowledge as to what is in style for the season.
 It all comes down to your choice for your dog as to whether or not you choose to partake in the springtime fashion frenzy.
 If you choose not to, there are plenty of fashionable ideas for you to choose from that will always be in style.

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