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How to Become an Illustrator in Australia

    • 1). Register at an Australia college devoted to visual arts to start your illustration career. Schools like Sydney College of the Arts and the Queensland College of Art have positive reputations among Australian employers looking to fill illustration jobs.

    • 2). Apply with the Australian General Skilled Migration Program if you are moving from the United States to Australia permanently. This program expedites visas and other identification for foreigners who are moving to Australia to fill high-demand industries like illustration.

    • 3). Lend your artistic skills to political parties ahead of campaign season. You can add cartoons to campaign literature and format signage for local candidates while earning a temporary wage. Your illustration and design work will get more attention if you work with the Liberal Party or the Labor Party ahead of national elections.

    • 4). Create sketches of clothing ideas and help designers with big presentations by illustrating for an Australian fashion firm. Designers like Alice McCall and Cohen et Sabine look for illustrators to bring rough sketches to life for investors.

    • 5). Test your illustration skills and earn a solid salary by working with one of Australia's major engineering firms. Employers like Burns and Roe ask illustrators to create blueprints, draw sketches for presentations and place handdrawn diagrams into design software for easy retrieval.

    • 6). Break into publishing for fiction and non-fiction books by working with an Australian publishing house. Larger firms like New Holland and Peppinot employ illustrators to draw pictures for children's books, make diagrams for educational publications, and produce marketing materials for upcoming releases.

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